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  • The Black-White IQ Gap and Genetics
    In a previous post, I have argued that the Black-White IQ gap is responsible for many of the undesirable social disparities between Blacks and Whites. This means that the cause of the Black-White IQ gap is extremely important, as it may be relevant to discovering how (and if) we can reduce the IQ gap, which … Read more
  • A defense of abortion: bodily integrity, responsibility, and deprivation
    The standard pro-life argument against the legalization of abortion is based on the premise that fetuses are persons, combined with the widely held view that it should be illegal to kill persons. Since abortions kill fetuses, it follows that abortions should be illegal. Roughly speaking, the standard pro-life argument can be given in syllogistic form … Read more
  • Why I’m not a consequentialist
    Following the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), consequentialism is a moral theory that states that the moral rightness of an act depends only on the goodness of certain consequences associated with the act. There are many different ways of fleshing out different consequentialist systems. For example, ethical egoists believe that the moral rightness of an … Read more
  • Why I’m not a utilitarian
    Here are the primary features of classic utilitarianism from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on consequentialism: Consequentialism = whether an act is morally right depends only on consequences (as opposed to the circumstances or the intrinsic nature of the act or anything that happens before the act).Evaluative Consequentialism = moral rightness depends only on the value of the … Read more
  • A libertarian justification of mandatory taxation by the state
    Libertarianism is a political philosophy that grants individuals strong moral rights that entail strong presumptions against the moral permissibility of physical aggression. Libertarianism is sometimes adopted as a theory that places inherent value on liberty and individual rights. Other times it is adopted as a theory that ascribes merely an instrumental value to liberty and … Read more
  • Reasons Internalism: an argument by analogy with epistemic reasons
    The concept of a reason is ambiguous in the English language. When we talk about the reasons a person has, we are sometimes referring to explanatory or motivating reasons, which are often expressed by saying the "reason that" an agent did or will do something. Other times, we are referring to normative or justifying reasons, … Read more
  • The Black-White IQ Gap and Causes
    Given the importance of IQ and the significant Black-White IQ gap (as I explained in a previous post), it seems evident that the IQ gap is causally responsible for many of the social disparities we find between Blacks and Whites. Thus, determining if and how to resolve the racial IQ gap is important. In order … Read more
  • The Black-White IQ Gap and Social Outcomes
    Most people are aware that there are significant disparities between Blacks and Whites with regard to a wide range of important social outcomes, including crime, income, education, poverty, welfare usage, etc. In fact, for almost every measurable result that we find important, we find that Blacks perform significantly worse than Whites. I begin by illustrating … Read more

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